About Us

Fluid Controls is specialist in offering plant process equipment service, industrial automation and control of the processes. We are ideal process control, industrial automation and plant process equipment company. We are highly professional and fast growing company having a thorough customer oriented and client friendly approach. Our system and culture is designed to meet the exact requirements of our clients, right from the stage of concept and till execution, providing best support. High-level quality of work and fulfillment of commitments is the essence of Fluid Controls.

Our experts at Fluid Controls are highly qualified, experienced engineers having a rich experience in the field of industrial automation and instrumentation. They are associated with Design, Engineering, Installation & Commissioning of Automation, Instrumentation Systems & Packages for projects in all the key sectors.

To achieve this, highly educated technocrats and techno-commercial experts have come together forming the Management of this industrial automation company. From the Plant Floor, to the control room, the boardroom, have all the solutions to take you to the high end technology at Fluid Controls.